Welcome to Fill my Cup Ministries


Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc. (FMCM) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to equipping and empowering the youth of today with the foundation of success. The foundation of the ministry is literacy. Fill My Cup Ministries ventures into various communities many of which are under served. During these visits they share, inform, enlighten, reveal, and discuss real life issues and circumstances and convey how reading, obtaining knowledge, and securing an education can and will often lead to a productive and successful life. Fill My Cup Ministries, Inc. distributes books to children who want to read, learn and pursue their goals and dreams. They also provide a platform for the children to verbally express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions; furthermore building public speaking skills, confidence, posture, etiquette, and esteem. Fill My Cup Ministries outreach programs are supported by corporations, community organizations, civic organizations, churches and numerous individuals. FMCM vision wouldn’t be fulfilled without the help and support of our volunteers.